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In Serverpod the connection details and password for the database are stored inside the config directory in your server package.

Serverpod automatically establishes a connection to the Postgresql instance by using these configuration details when you start the server.

Connection details

Each environment configuration contains a database keyword that specifies the connection details.

For your development build you can find the connection details in the development.yaml file.

This is an example:

host: localhost
port: 8090
user: postgres

The variable name refers to the database name.

Database password

The database password is stored in a separate file called passwords.yaml in the same config directory. The password for each environment is stored under the database keyword in the file.

An example of this could look like this:


Development database

A newly created Serverpod project comes with a preconfigured docker instance with Postgresql. All you have to do is run the following command from the root of the server package to start the database.


Docker is required for this to work.

$ docker compose up --build --detach

To remove the database run (this commands preserve all data).

$ docker compose down

To remove the database and delete all data add the -v flag.

$ docker compose down -v