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Serverpod CLI

The Serverpod Command Line Interface (CLI) provides a suite of tools to facilitate Serverpod development. Here's a detailed breakdown of its usage, global options, and available commands:


$ serverpod <command> [arguments]

Global Options

  • -h, --help: Shows the usage information.
  • -q, --quiet: Mutes all Serverpod CLI output, but can be overridden by -v, --verbose.
  • -v, --verbose: Outputs detailed information, ideal for development stages. This supersedes --q, --quiet.

Available Commands

  • create: Establishes a new Serverpod project. When employing this command, designate the project name, ensuring it's in lowercase and devoid of special characters.

  • generate: Converts YAML files into appropriate code for the server and associated clients.

  • language-server: Activates the Serverpod LSP server, which interfaces via JSON-RPC-2. This is tailored for compatibility with a client integrated within an IDE.

  • create-migration: Produces a migration derived from the variances between the last migration and the current project state.

  • create-repair-migration: Produces a repair migration derived from the variances between the live database schema and the targeted migration. If no version is specified, the latest migration is used.

  • upgrade: Upgrade to the latest Serverpod CLI version.

  • version: Reveals the active Serverpod CLI version.