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Version: 1.2.0

Raw access

Sometimes more advanced tasks need to be performed on the database. For those occasions, it's possible to run raw SQL queries on the database.

Use the unsafeQuery method when querying for simple data. The method returns a List<List<dynamic>> with rows and columns and is useful if you want a simple result without joining any data.

PostgreSQLResult result = await session.dbNext.unsafeQuery(
'SELECT * FROM mytable WHERE id = 1',

Use the unsafeQueryMappedResults method when making complex queries with joins. The method returns a List<Map<String, Map<String, dynamic>>>, where the List contains an entry for each result row. The result row is a Map where the key is the table from which the data has been retrieved and the value is another Map of that tables columns. The column Map inside the table Map has column names as keys and the contents of the colum as values.

row {
table {
column: content,

Above is a visual aid of the data structure.

List<Map<String, Map<String, dynamic>>> result = await session.dbNext.unsafeQueryMappedResults(
'SELECT * FROM mytable LEFT JOIN othertable ON = othertable.mytableid',

Use the unsafeExecute method when no result is needed. The return value represents the number of rows that changed.

int result = await session.dbNext.unsafeExecute(
'DELETE FROM mytable WHERE id = 1',

in the above example, the result variable will contain the number of rows that were deleted.


Always sanitize your input when using the raw query methods, otherwise, this becomes an attack vector for SQL injections.