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Version: 1.0.0


Serverpod is built by the community for the community. Pull requests are very much welcome. If you are making something more significant than just a tiny bug fix, please get in touch with Serverpod's lead developer Viktor Lidholt before you get started. This makes sure that your contribution aligns with Serverpod's overall vision and roadmap and that multiple persons don't do the same work.

If you want to contribute, please view our roadmap and pick issues from there. This will make it much more likely that we can include the new features you are building.

Working on Serverpod

The main Serverpod repository contains all Serverpod code and code for tests and official modules and integrations. Send any pull requests to the main branch.

Writing code

We are very conscious about keeping the Serverpod code base clean. When you write your code, make sure to use dart format and that you don't get any errors or lints from dart analyze.

Running all tests

Continuous integration tests are automatically run when sending a pull request to the main branch. You can run the tests locally by changing your working directory into the root serverpod directory and running:


Tests may not yet work if running on a Windows machine. Mac is recommended for Serverpod development.

Running individual tests

Running single individual tests is useful when you are working on a specific feature. To do it, you will need to manually start the test server, then run the integration tests from the serverpod package.

  1. Add an entry for the test server at the end of your /etc/hosts file. serverpod_test_server
  1. Start the Docker container for the test server.
cd tests/serverpod_test_server/docker_local
docker-compose up --build --detach
  1. Start the test server.
cd tests/serverpod_test_server
dart bin/main.dart
  1. Run an individual test
cd tests/serverpod_test_server
dart test test/connection_test.dart

Command line tools

To run the serverpod command from your cloned repository, you will need to:

cd tools/serverpod_cli
dart pub get
dart pub global activate --source path .

Depending on your Dart version you may need to run the dart pub global command above every time you've made changes in the Serverpod tooling.


If you run the local version of the serverpod command line interface you will need to set the SERVERPOD_HOME environment variable. It should point to your cloned serverpod repository.

Editing the pubspec.yaml files

First off, we are restrictive about which new packages we include in the Serverpod project. So before starting to add new dependencies you should probably get in touch with the maintainers of Serverpod to clear it.

Secondly, you shouldn't edit the pubspec.yaml files directly. Instead, make changes to the files in the templates/ directory. When you've made changes, run the update_pubspecs command to generate the pubspec.yaml files.


Submitting your pull request

To keep commits clean, Serverpod squashes them when merging pull requests. Therefore, it is essential that each pull request only contains a single feature or bug fix. Keeping the pull requests smaller also makes it faster and easier to review the code.

If you are contributing new code, you will also need to provide tests for your code. The tests should be placed in the tests/serverpod_test_server package.

Getting support

Feel free to post on Serverpod's discussion board if you have any questions. We check the board daily.